Slide the adapter onto the track on the back side with the adapter screw facing outward. Insert the screw-in finial into the adapter. You may need to pinch together the end of the rod when sliding the finial on. Release the hold of the rod once the finial fits properly onto the end. Tighten the fitting of the adapter if necessary with the screw located on the adapter.

Yes, only if you have a center-open draw can you change the cord side. All our decorative traverse rods are pre-assembled as center-open draws so you’re set if you have one.  All our center open traverse rods come with the cord side on the right side. To change the cord side to the left, just use a pen or hook to drag the cord down from the underside of the pulley housing on the left. Continue to drag until the entire cord loop falls to the left and you’re done.

To convert to a one way left draw, slide all the carriers to the left and remove the right master carrier.

To convert to one way right draw, do the same process but move the carriers to the right and remove the left master carrier.

Yes, You can convert the wall brackets into ceiling mount brackets. Unbolt the rod clamp from the wall bracket. Set wall bracket aside. Make sure you position the smaller and larger rod clamps based on where the inner rod and outer rod will be mounted. Once the rod clamps are securely mounted up into the ceiling, position the track into the clamps.

30-48 :  10 carriers

48-84 :  20 carriers

66-120: 30 carriers

84-156: 40 carriers

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