Main Idea


New brand,New values.

Home is a place of warmth, a place to unwind, and windows are the most important part of the home. Through a bit of creative design, one can cultivate an entirely unique ambiance.

Maison Desyne is a new brand, but that does not mean our professionalism and innovation in the window curtain industry is inadequate. On the contrary, professionalism, innovation, and quality have always been our top priority, and a source of pride in our core values.

Maison Desyne has thoughtfully perceived the trends in consumer demand, intuitively created a consumer experience, and creatively fulfilled the consumer's desire for a little flare, to let your windows transform into a unique work of art.

about us
More Satisfaction,More Innovation.

More Satisfaction,More Innovation.

To consistently maintain customer satisfaction, Maison Desyne's engineers and designers will continue to strive for innovative improvements, always working together with the customers.

If you have any valuable suggestions, please feel free to share with us, as we would love to take your feedback and transform ideas into actual designs. If you like us and approve, please share with your friends and family. Thank you!

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